Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Review: Model Co SHINE Ultra Lip Gloss in showgirl red

Today, I received the Model Co Shine Ultra Lip Gloss in showgirl red and thought I'd review it.

So that's what the lip gloss looks like. Firstly I'd like to talk about the product packaging.

I love it. The tube is thin and slender which makes it really easy to transport. It can fit easily in handbags and clutches of all sizes which is always a bonus. I especially love the inbuilt mirror, it's extremely practical and easy to clean. Don't get me wrong, the No Mirror Makeup Challenge is hilarious to watch on you tube, but I personally love having a mirror on hand when I'm on the go and wish more lip glosses had.

Now, onto the lip gloss itself. I've taken a look online and the lip gloss is described as having a non-sticky formula. Compared to some other lip glosses I've used, it is slightly sticky when applied to the lips, but it's nothing that would make me hate using.

When I looked at the tube, I was super excited, the colour looked vibrant, glossy, and had a bit of shimmer. However, I was very disappointed when I used it.
The lip gloss is called 'Showgirl Red' and personally, I thought it looked of a berry pink then a red. My lips are naturally a dark pink/red and this lip gloss was barely noticeable on my lips even with a thick layer on. If you bought this lip gloss assuming it would be a vibrant, sexy red, you'll be let down as it only gives a subtle tint.

It also has an amazing cherry scent.

All in all, I think it was an alright lip gloss, I'm not going to complain as I got it for free, but I did have high hopes for it being a bold colour and was let down.
I love subtle pink tints, but with sort of colour, and the name "Showgirl Red" I would have much preferred something more opaque.

If you'd like to purchase this lip gloss, click HERE to be redirected to the Model Co website.

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